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Christmas Music Recital 2021 by Modern Academy of Music

A Christmas fairy tale in which all musical instruments come to life, in which music takes away to distant magical lands - this is what our big recital of music was. Favorite Christmas melodies, masterpieces of world classics, unexpected arrangements let the music enthrall the audience and our musicians on a wonderful journey. A big Christmas recital, a virtuoso party, a pop-jazz reporter - a traditional reporting concert-holiday gathered guests!
On the stage of Faith Apostolic Church, our students and teachers traditionally gave fire and showed how real virtuosos lit!
More light equipment and more new show performances made the event brighter!
At the end, the director and at the same time the vocal coach of the Academy, Nadia Evlanova, performed the final song “Happy New Year” with the students.
A sea of music, gifts, prizes, applause and smiles were presented to both the audience and our students and musicians.
As a result, we reinforced the positive impact that creativity, music and living a healthy lifestyle can have on our students’ lives.
At the reporting recital our students demonstrated their musical and artistic skills and abilities, personal growth, ability to work in a team.
Students love participating in the recitals and are looking forward to the following ones.