Modern Academy of Music News

Spring Music Student Recital

We love spring here at Westfield and not just because it’s the perfect time for an “awaking up from the hibernation” or days becoming longer and the weather better, warmer. Coming of spring means rebirth. Rebirth of nature! The signs of new life, the fresh spring breeze, and the bright colours all around are just a few reasons to fall in love with this season. And for our Modern Academy of Music the spring was kind of rebirth!
The main reason we love spring is in May of 2021, we had our first live performance of our Academy Students. We created a concert with the performance of our students in various modern music genres (pop, jazz, rock, musical).            Our musicians performed not only solo songs. The guests enjoyed the performance of guitarists, duets and ensembles, both beginners and professionals, with choreographic and theatrical productions. Our students had a great opportunity to show and perform the skills they’d got. The audience enjoyed wonderful voice production, diction and articulation, acting on the stage, communication with the public, stage movements what is the very necessary skill for a novice musician.
The first live performance of all age groups of students! The first live performance of Kids' show both singing and dancing with a song “Can’t stop the feeling”.  
The aim of the event was to show the results of students’ hard work.
The concert had a great success! All participants received tremendous experience in performing to the audience, incredible emotions, a positive charge of energy, as well as memorable cups and certificates.
The goal was to inspire and motivate Modern Academy of Music students to be the best person and musician they can be and to develop their skills and to keep on learning.