Modern Academy of Music

The Modern Academy of Music was co-founded by professional vocal coach and singer Nadia Evlanova, a graduate of Gnesins Academy Of Music located in Moscow, Russia (vocal pop/jazz artist and teacher), and Val Evlanov, a guitarist and composer who also graduated from Gnesins Academy Of Music (instrumental modern pop/jazz music, guitar).

Modern Academy of Music's top priority is to develop our students' talents, abilities, and to encourage them in pursuing modern arts and music.

Our team combines their high-quality education and passion for music to help students achieve their maximum potential while enjoying music lessons.

In modern arts and music, it is so important to perform on stage in front of an audience. At MAoM, students can become real artists, performing in concerts regularly.

We strengthen our students skills and capabilities by organizing recitals and performances and allow them to progress their talent through experiences outside of their comfort zone. Our goal is to allow our students to learn from real-life experiences on the stage.

Meet the staff
  • Val Evlanov

    guitar teacher

    Valery Evlanov is a guitarist and a composer. Member of The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and the Russian Composers Association. The winner of International Competition "Many Faces of Guitar" in jazz-rock nomination.
    The graduate of Gnesins Academy Of Music, Moscow, Russia (instrumental modern pop/jazz music, guitar)
  • Nadia Evlanova
    vocal coach

    Professional vocal coach and singer Nadia Evlanova, the graduate of world famous Gnesins Academy Of Music, Moscow, Russia (vocal pop/jazz artist and teacher). The winner of many international competitions.
    In 2014 awarded the Russian state Prize as the best young specialist in the field of music art. Performed as lead singer in Globalis Symphony Orchestra and with her own music band.