Recording & Production Lessons

All school levels

At our Modern Academy of Music you will:
  • Learn to create compelling, professional-sounding songs by learning to identify the production elements that contribute to a well-balanced, artful and professional mix
  • Learn techniques to maximize speed, control and accuracy
  • Be able to configure a personal production workspace and use software instruments and audio recordings to produce music
  • Become a better recording and live sound engineer and improve your editing and mixing environment by learning the ins and outs of acoustics
  • Learn how to properly set up, operate, and manage a recording studio, integrating both analog and digital elements
  • Create a unique sound and explore tools and techniques that will help you craft songs with the instrumentation and production to support your intended emotional meaning
  • Expand your production skills and critical listening by learning how to identify and implement mix strategies and a wide array of professional mix approaches
  • Learn to use your ears, hands, and the tools of the trade to play jazz, rock, blues, country, and other genres, with an authentic guitar tone
  • Learn to construct a high-quality mix for live sound and identify proper microphone technique, effects, and processing to build professional sounds and vocals
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